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Whether you require comprehensive business IT support or would like to outsource your managed IT services, Be IT Safe is the leading information technology company in Gold Coast to rely on. Based in Varsity Lakes, we offer professional tech support for businesses state and nationwide. Talk to us today and see how we can get technology working for you!

What We Do

Managed IT Services

We can help you with any of your business technology needs from desktops and servers to email, storage and phone systems.

Business Technology

We provide end-to-end solutions for all your IT needs including desktop computing, mobile devices, unified communications, business and enterprise applications, dedicated software solutions, CRM and databases, printing and more.

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Networking and Servers

On-site or hosted cloud solutions.
Network architecture and installation including switches, wireless, VPN, internet and more.
Server builds and maintenance including user management, directory services, email, web servers, storage, backup and more.

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On-Site Training

Our certified trainers can provide dedicated on-site training in existing systems or as part of the implementation of new technology solutions. We can create engaging learning environments and develop effective manuals to ensure ongoing staff development.

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Technical Support

Our team of experts provide the highest level support for your business. We stand by our solutions with a satisfaction guarantee and our Service Level Agreements provide clear and measureable requirements that are reviewed each billing cycle. If we don't perform - you don't pay!

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Web Design and Development

We provide all-in-one hosted website solutions with stunning designs and intuitive sites, custom built to represent your brand.

Connect With Your Customers

Looking for a creative and professional website? We specialise in all-in-one hosted website solutions which range from a public site for marketing to custom built web applications to manage your customers and internal processes. All websites are designed to provide the perfect experience on all devices including all phones, tablets and computers using the latest technology and include search engine optimisation.

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How It Works
  1. Have a chat to our team and we will send you a design brief to get a feel for what you are looking for
  2. We build you a FREE no obligation prototype of what our team has to offer along with a quote and proposal
  3. Once the proposal is accepted, we get on with designing your website whilst you prepare the information you want on your site
  4. We send you the final product ready for your approval before making it live!

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CRM/ERP Software

Be IT Safe’s cost effective Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution combines Customer Resource Management with Process and Data Integration to allow your business to become more efficient, agile and results orientated.

How Does It Work?

ERP is where software helps coordinate, report and manage the resources and processes of the business by integrating data and systems.

The Be IT Safe Solution is dynamic and agile – making it easy to customise the software to meet the specific needs of your organisation and not the other way round.

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What Does It Do?
  • Workflow and Customer Relationship Management tools
  • Campaign manager to send out mass emails and e-newsletters
  • Content Management System to integrate your public website and easily keep it up to date
  • Integration with merchant facilities and accounting software to eliminate duplicate data
  • Gamification allowing your team and customers to earn ‘badges’ for achievements.

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Security and Auditing

We ensure your business can Be IT Safe by auditing policies, security, disaster recovery and governance to minimise risk and implement best practises.

Compliance and Governance

Security is built into the heart of everything we do.  We know that in business, trust is everything.  We provide the highest corporate governance standards for all our services so you can be assured compliance across your IT.  Be IT Safe can audit your technology for potential vulnerability, licensing compliance, cost efficiency and to ensure maximum benefit from your technology.

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Disaster Recovery

Businesses rely on their technology.  Be prepared in case of emergency with Be IT Safe’s disaster recovery services to ensure you’re technology is back online quicker when you need it most.  Services include disaster recovery plans, data backup and data recovery in partnership with Australia's leading experts Kroll Ontrack.

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  • "The excellent, professional and creative work of the Be IT Safe team surpassed our expectations.  It is a pleasure working with them and an inspiration viewing their final product"

    Dr Terry King / Director Mission Educate

  • "Their creative genius combined with outstanding skill makes us feel so safe and confident that Be IT Safe’s got it all under control"

    Megan / Creator Daisy Days

  • "They gave us good advice for our business to move forward. As soon as our website went live our business increased nationally, we only wish we had done it sooner"

    Matu and Denise / Owners Substance Trade Solutions

How It Works

You Choose The Solution That Best Works For You

We can provide services and support to achieve a particular goal through a one-off project contract.

This is usually fixed-price with a defined start and end date. The agreement will detail specific deliverables, milestones (when these must be completed) and measurable KPIs.

  • Keeps costs under control
  • Gives focus to a specifc goal
  • Great way to trial our services
  • Less cost-effective long-term
  • Less flexible as changes require contract ammendments
  • Support services limited after project duration
  • Build a website
  • Virtualise a server
  • Implement a disaster recovery plan
  • Build and deploy a computer image

For larger projects and more flexibility consider a fixed-term maintenance contract.

This will have a defined start and end date with services invoiced periodically. The agreement will detail billing periods, per-hour rates for services, regular/ongoing jobs, service levels, response times and measurable KPIs.

  • Very flexible as services are provided on demand
  • Great way to fill any temporary resource shortages
  • Support services always available
  • Less cost-effective long-term
  • Harder to budget as costs may fluctuate between billing cycles
  • Major network/wireless upgrade
  • CRM development/ implementation
  • Ongoing desktop support for staff
  • Training sessions on a peice of software

The most cost effective long-term solution is an ongoing maintenance contract

This is billed monthly according to a predetermined budget. The agreement will detail the budget, what services are included, additional charges (if any), service levels, response times and measurable KPIs.

  • Keeps costs under control
  • Very flexible
  • Support services always available
  • Best way to understand and support business goals
  • Less focused on specific goals
  • May still require a one-off contract
  • Outsource IT as a managed service
  • Regular maintenance of websites and applications
  • Ongoing desktop support for staff


Social Media and Business Marketing

Social Media And Your Business

We all know that social media can be an effective weapon in our marketing arsenal, yet mastering the nearly endless opportunities can seem overwhelming.

The Queensland Government has provided some great advice and information about how social media can help grow your business on their website.

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Cloud Computing Solutions

Cost Effective Cloud Solutions

Are you spending too much on computer hardware?
Are you working more and more away from your office?
Could you benefit from the flexibilty to grow and shrink your technology to fit changing requirements?

If you are not already looking at cloud computing you might be interested in how it is helping business all across Australia.

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CRM Software

Are You Using A CRM Tool?

Customer Relationship Management might just be what you're looking for to grow your company.

While setting up a CRM can be complicated and expensive, when it is done right it can positively effect your bottom line.

If you are considering implementing a CRM we suggest you contact us to discuss ways to ensure it delivers what you need.

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Disclaimer: This article is from CRMery, who are one of many companies that sell CRM software.


Security Essentials

The more our businesses rely on technology the more exposed we are to the risks that come along with it. PricewaterhouseCoopers call cyber security 'the new business priority'.

It's easy to let other priorites take over, but that can be more risky then it seems. Their research shows why we should proactively deal with IT security before an incident creates a costly problem.

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