Information Technology Solutions – Gold Coast & Australia-Wide

Providing cutting-edge, innovative information technology services
for businesses and homes across the Gold Coast

We love technology
We love our business

And we live in a world where the two can strengthen each other

Everyone wants a healthy and safe home. Every owner wants to grow and secure their business
Embracing technology stimulates creativity and resources us to achieve our goals
Yet too often we overlook tools we can use to ensure a positive experience with technology

We provide you the information, affordable tools and support to ensure your home and business can BE IT SAFE

When it comes to acquiring information technology services in the Gold Coast or elsewhere in Australia, trust Be IT Safe. From business tech support and managed IT services to home computer repairs and support and web design and development, we provide you with easy solutions to suit your needs.

Managed ICT Services

We can help you with any of your business technology needs from desktops and servers to email, storage and phone systems.

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Web Design and Development

We provide all-in-one hosted website solutions with stunning designs and intuitive sites, custom built to represent your brand.

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CRM/ERP Software

We can increase your productivity through solutions that coordinate, report and manage your resources and processes by integrating data and systems.

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Security and Auditing

We ensure your business can Be IT Safe by auditing policies, security, disaster recovery and governance to minimise risk and implement best practises.

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  • "The excellent, professional and creative work of the Be IT Safe team surpassed our expectations.  It is a pleasure working with them and an inspiration viewing their final product"

    Dr Terry King / Director Mission Educate

  • "Their creative genius combined with outstanding skill makes us feel so safe and confident that Be IT Safe’s got it all under control"

    Megan / Creator Daisy Days

  • "They gave us good advice for our business to move forward. As soon as our website went live our business increased nationally, we only wish we had done it sooner"

    Matu and Denise / Owners Substance Trade Solutions

Need Help At Home?

Gold Coast Home Networks is part of the Be IT Safe Group and provide in-home consultations on any of your technology needs. Your Wifi frustrating you? Need help configuring your new modem? Or looking to upgrade your computer? Our specalists are ready to help!

Setups, Upgrades and Repairs

Excited to get started with your new device? Or need to upgrade your old one? We will initialise, configure and connect your technology so its ready for you to use just the way you like it.

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Get your home network right! We can establish your connection, replace faulty modems, setup wifi networks, coordinate systems and centralise printers for all your family to use.

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Home Security

Every parent wants their children to grow up in a healthy and safe environment. We provide you the information, affordable tools and support you need.

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Expert Advice

Need the right advice? We’ll provide easy to understand answers and know-how so you can get the most out of your technology.

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Our team would love to assist you! Call us on 1300 604 814 or make contact below:

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